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Shifting World Collides with Education

Essential Question: How has the read/write web transformed the global society, and what do these shifts mean for education?

Activity: Jigsaw excerpt from book


With your partner or small group, read and discuss the excerpt from Richardson's Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts:
  • Whole Group Read Aloud: Introduction to chapter 9 pp. 129-131 and discuss the following in small groups:
    • According to Richardson, how has the definition of literacy become more complex?
    • How are you preparing your students to meet the demands of this new literacy?
    • What changes might your school need to make to prepare our students to be literate in the 21st Century?
  • Now, read and discuss your assigned shift with your group.
  • Each group note the BIG IDEAS of assigned shift on WallWisher.
    • Go to our community wall and add a sticky note by double-clicking on the page.
    • Give us a brief summary: Remember, you're the only ones who have read this shift.
  • Groups present to whole class.
    • Explain your assigned shift.
    • Share ideas/opinions your group discussed.