21Things: Leveraging Web 2.0 Tools in Education

Course Syllabus

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The course kicks off during the summer with 21clc professional development and officially wraps up in April. However, faculty/staff that complete all required Things (1-11 in year one and 12-21 in year two) by April 1, 2011, will receive an invitation to a special luncheon and their names will be entered in a drawing for an iPod Touch.

Track Your Progess

Each faculty/staff member that chooses to participate in this program will be required to keep a blog to track his/her progress. Additionally, each participant will track his/her progress on the community spreadsheet. A link to the spreadsheet will be emailed to each participant upon successful course registration and acceptance. Don’t forget, to check off--as you complete them--your completion of each “Thing” on the Google spreadsheet.
Discovery Exercises and Tasks

Within each module participants complete Discovery Exercises and Learning Tasks ("Things"). The first four modules follow a sequential order, each building on the previous module. Beyond that, participants can differentiate learning by tackling the modules in any order desired. Remember, you are in charge of your learning journey. This course is about exposure, exploration and experimentation, not about "doing it right." Your co-participants and 21Things team leaders and coaches are here to support and encourage you!

Stretch Activities

Along the way, you will also encounter a few Stretch activities accompanying some of the "Things." Stretch activities are designed to enrich and extend your learning. Everyone is encouraged to try at least some of them, but they are not required. If you are already comfortable with a particular tool or concept, you should definitely complete the Stretch activity!

Year One: Complete Things 1-11
Complete the modules below sequentially: each one builds on the previous one.

Module 1: Intro to Web 2.0
  • Thing 1: Learn a bit about Web 2.0 and Why It Matters

Module 2: Blogging

  • Thing 2: Create a Blog
  • Thing 3: Add a Widget to Your Blog
  • Thing 4: Comment on Others' Blogs

Module 3: RSS and Networking

  • Thing 5: Subscribe to Blogs
  • Thing 6: Network with Other Educators via Ning

Module 4: Photos and Mashups
  • Thing 7: Explore Flickr
  • Thing 8: Play with Mashups

Module 5: Videos and Slideshows
  • Thing 9: Find Videos
  • Thing 10: Explore Screencasting
  • Thing 11: Publish a Slideshow

Year Two: Complete Things 12-21
These modules can be completed in any order: you decide!

Module 6: Social Bookmarking
  • Thing 12: Explore Delicious

Module 7: Productivity with Google
  • Thing 13: Learning about Google Docs
  • Thing 14: Creating a Google Form

Module 8: Quick and Easy Tools to Engage Learners (Young and Old)
  • Thing 15: Create a Poll with Poll Everywhere
  • Thing 16: Collect Sticky Notes with WallWisher
  • Thing 17: Connect in real-time with iEtherpad

Module 9: Voicethread and Voices
  • Thing 18: Explore VoiceThread
  • Thing 19: Discover Podcasting

Module 10: Connect
  • Thing 20: Start Twittering
  • Thing 21: Continue Learning with K12 Online

21Things Reflection
  • Last Thing: Complete an A-Z Reflection of Your Learning Journey Through 21Things.

If you’re still hungry for more “things,” check out Kevin Honeycutt’s list of tools .