This wiki houses the 21st Century Learning Community (21clc) initiative of the Batesville School District.

District Vision

The district aim is to grow small teams of teachers and administrators who collaborate to explore 21st Century skills and strategies and learn to use digital tools and instructional strategies to network and create lessons that engage students and equip them with the skills they will need to succeed.

The project started in 2008 with a small group of teachers at Batesville High School and has grown over the past years to multiple teams across the district. We hope to keep adding new teams each year. The teams progress through a three-year cycle:
  • Year One
    • "Teacher as Learner"--defining 21st Century Learning and learning to use Web 2.0 tools.
  • Year Two
    • "Teacher as Designer"--designing project-based lessons that harness the power of technology to connect students to information and to other learners and to create products and processes not possible without technology.
  • Year Three
    • "Teacher as Mentor"--continuing to transform curriculum and classroom practices and mentor other teachers.

Classroom Laptops

In conjunction with the 21clc initiative, the district is working to add classroom sets of mini laptop computers to equip teachers and students with technology that will allow them to transform their daily practice. Because the 21clc initiative provides teachers with background knowledge that will enable them to transition successfully to a one-to-one classroom, the district considers teachers' participation in a 21clc team as part of the competitive application process for classroom laptop sets.

Contact Person

Lisa Huff, high school English teacher (and part-time instructional facilitator beginning August 2010), designed the 21clc initiative and continues to facilitate the program. You may contact Lisa at lhuff[at]batesvilleschools[dot]com.