Linking to a Blog Post

When linking to a blog post, you need to use the post's Permalink. Because blogs are frequently updated, as posts "get older" they are pushed off the "front page" into the archives.Wha??? Fear not: each post has a unique URL (web address), called a Permalink, typically containing the post title and date, or a unique post number.


Each link above is the permalink, so you can simply copy the URL from your browser's address bar when using it in your post.

IMPORTANT! Unlike email or Word, simply pasting a URL into your post won't make it a link. You need to use the "Insert Link" button. See "adding links" video below for help.

HELP Videos:
  • How to locate a blog post Permalink (Important!) (2:20)
    The Permalink is the direct link to a specific blog post. It will include the date and title of the post, or a post number. You must use the Permalink when linking to a blog post -- you can't just link to the main address of a blog.
  • Adding links (web page URLs) to your blog posts (4:18)
    Please make sure you are clear on this. It's not difficult, but you cannot just copy and paste a link like you do in email or Word.
  • Adding links from other blogs (a more thorough explanation of the Permalink concept - 3:21) Note: this screencast demonstrates how to add a link in edublogs. We're using Blogger (a different blogging platform), but the process is exactly the same.