Essential Question:

How do the concepts in ch. 3 relate to education?

Your Task:

Work with your team to create an innovative product or performance in response to the essential question.
  • STEP ONE (10 min.) : Discuss your section and agree on the key concepts and how they relate to education.
    • Team 1: pp. 48-51
    • Team 2: "High Concept and High Touch" pp. 51-53
    • Team 3: "MBAs and MFAs" pp. 54-57
    • Team 4: "IQ and EQ" pp. 57-59
    • Team 5: "Money and Meaning" pp. 60-61
    • Team 6: "Introducing the Six Senses" pp. 65-67
  • STEP TWO (5 min.): Choose the format for your production. How will you convey the key concepts and how they relate to education?
    • Write and perform a skit.
    • Craft a narrative and tell your story with via a narrated slideshow or book or reader's theater.
    • Craft a poem.
    • Create a comic strip or comic book.
    • Create a drawing (one or several) or graphic.
    • Snap pictures or find photos to represent your ideas, and put them together in a slideshow or other format.
    • Create a magazine/newspaper spread.
    • Choose another format--anything you can imagine!
  • STEP THREE (10 min.): Brainstorm and plan. Use the power of the group. Consider dividing the tasks!
  • STEP FOUR (25 min.): Create. Again, divide the tasks so that everyone has a job!
  • STEP FIVE: PRESENT in no more than 4 minutes.

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