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As we work in a time of rapid change, with students who are digital natives, from within a dramatically new information landscape, the best description of the 21st Century teacher is Master Learner. (David Warlick)

Session Objectives:

  1. Define a PLN and appreciate how and why 21st century educators use them.
  2. Begin building your PLN by
    • creating a blog and using other digital tools to
    • locate and connect with other educators with similar interests.
  3. Use strategies for managing and growing your PLN.

What Is a PLN

TIPS for Building Your PLN

* Don't just lurk; ENGAGE and PARTICIPATE.

  1. Start slowly and find mentor(s) to help you.
  2. Use the same username across tools.
  3. Share as much as you take. Share resources, successes, failures, other connections.
  4. Ask as much as you answer.
  5. Start Conversations.
  6. Try new TOOLS before you decide they're not worth the time.
  7. Comment on other people's blogs, photos, wikis, nings.
  8. Lifelong learning is the key!

Want to Learn More About PLN's?

David Warlick and Sue Waters, both international educational presenters, have wiki pages on PLN's.

Part 1: Create a BLOG.

Part 2: Subscribe to Other Blogs

Part 3: Find More Educators

Strategies for Locating Others of Similar Interest:

  1. Search blog lists and blog searches. If you want other educators to find your blog, be sure to add your own name and link to your blog.
  2. When you find bloggers you like reading - check out their blogroll. Bloggers often feature a list of their favorite blogs in the sidebar of their blog; this list is commonly called a blogroll. One of the reasons for adding a blogroll is so your readers can use this list to locate other blogs worth reading — you are saying “these are some blogs I like - which are worth checking out!” (Source: Sue Waters)
  3. Check out the comments on posts you enjoy reading and following interesting comments back to the person's blog. (Source: Sue Waters)
    • Check out blogger's blog rolls.

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