As we read Reinventing Project-Based Learning, we'll not only be exploring new digital tools: we'll also be designing a PBL unit. We'll use a wiki to house the PBL unit and all the accompanying resources. Think of it as a binder or file folder. Everything--instructions, links, videos, calendars, rubrics, checklists, models--you need for the unit will go in the wiki. Before getting started, discuss the following with your 21clc team:
  • Will we work individually, with a partner, or as a team?

    • You may work with your 21clc team to design a cross-curricular PBL unit. If so, you may want to create one wiki to which all group members contribute.
    • You may work alone, designing a PBL to use in your classroom or in your professional practice.
    • You may work with one or two other team members to design a cross-curricular unit.
  • Create a wiki.

    • Use the tutorials below to create your wiki and add content.
    • If your team creates one wiki, be sure all members join the wiki.
    • Don't forget to write down your username and password!
  • Add pages.

    • There's not a "correct" way to organize your wiki. However, the following pages (you'll add to throughout the year) follow the activities you'll undertake as we complete the book study:
      • Essential Understandings
      • Project Sketch
      • Project Calendar
      • Project Briefcase (Associated Docs, Assignments, Presentations, Rubrics, Models...)
      • Student Workspaces